Land Requirement 2019/20

Rangeford Villages is owned by Fern Trading Limited, the parent company of a large diverse group of companies based in the UK with the net asset value of £1.57bn, and advised by Octopus Real Estate.

We are currently seeking to secure 6 new village sites by 2022, with 4 operational villages by 2025.




Sites with the following criteria are being seriously considered:

•            Edge of town, semi-rural or urban ‘vertical villages’ sites

•            3 to 15+ acres capable of accommodating 70+ units

•            Space for a range of central facilities, gardens and parking

•            Mid to high ageing population demographic

•            Strong local and regional housing market values targeted, typically £390+ p sq ft across the UK’

•            Close to transport links and external amenities

•            Planning secured for C2 usage preferred but not essential

•            We will retain agents, with fees negotiable on a case by case basis




 Please contact our Development Director with any sites which match our criteria  David.Sedman@Rangeford.co.uk 07779 323211

Download our Land Requirements 2019/20 Brochure